Works4U Specialist College




Works4U is a Specialist College with SPI status, offering an alternative to mainstream education.

We work to promote a safe and nurturing learning environment for young people between the ages of 14 and 24 and provide one to one support in developing their academic, social and independent living skills. We support young people who find accessing a mainstream school or college environment too much and require different levels of care. Here at Works4U, we understand that the circumstances of each learner is different but under the right guidance, we believe that all young people can flourish.



Our Centre

As a centre, we pride ourselves on being adaptable and helping our learners to succeed regardless of the difficulties they face. When a young person is referred to Works4U, a comprehensive basic needs and skills assessment is carried out to identify their individual requirements, with a timetabled programme formulated in accordance with their personal needs and interests. Our highly skilled staff work with every learner to provide a specialist environment that will promote each young person’s personal and academic development


16-19 Tuition Fund

Works 4 U has been allocated some additional funding by the Education Funding Agency (ESFA) to help mitigate the disruption caused to students learning arising from COVID-19.

This funding will be used to give additional small group or 1:1 support to students identified by Works4U as needing additional support to overcome the barriers preventing them from completing awards and qualifications they have already started on their programme but need extra help to complete.

Our Mission

“We seek to enhance the lives of all learners by helping them to raise their self-esteem, build their confidence and achieve their full potential in terms of education and vocational training, recognised qualifications, employment and skills enhancement.”

What We Offer


Certificate in Employability Skills.

Animal Therapy

Work-based qualification in Animal Care.


Certificate in Skills for Working in the Construction Industry.

Functional Maths

Activities for Functional Skills Maths.

Functional English

Activities for Functional Skills English.

Dog Grooming Level 2

Work Based Qualification in Dog grooming

Duke of Edinburgh

We currently offer the Duke of Edinburgh programme as part of our curriculum. Our students can take part in either the Bronze Silver of Gold award .

Hospitality & Catering

Work-Based Level 1 Qualification in Skills for Working in the Catering & Hospitality industry

Horse Care - Level 2

Work Based Level 2 qualification in Horse Care