We offer educational and vocational training programmes to young people aged 14-16 who, for a variety of reasons, are not fully integrated in mainstream education. Our programmes also include, where appropriate, enrichment and engagement strategies.

Young people accessing this programme must be referred by a school or LEA and it’s following guidelines apply:

  • the young person remains on the school register and the school continues to have overall responsibility for the young person
  • the educational content and duration of our programmes is determined in consultation with the school, parents/carers, young people and other professionals involved with the young person
  • the aims and expected outcomes of the programme are clearly established with the school and/or the LEA
  • a significant aim will always be to remigrate young people in mainstream education wherever possible
  • a protocol for reporting progress and achievements and safeguarding issues will be agreed with the school and will include daily attendance reports
  • The fees and charges for each young person will be negotiated with the school or LEA and will be highly dependent on the degree of support and supervision necessary
  • The Young Person can only complete a study programme for a maximum of 18 hours per week.