Having access to Raglands Farm in Hyde has enabled us to offer a service that is very difficult to come across in education; Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Works4U are very proud, and extremely fortunate, to be able to offer this service as a part of learner study programmes. There is some assumption that AAT is simply spending time around animals but it involves so much more than that. AAT involves specific therapeutic goals and outcome measures that encourage calming behaviour and help learners to process the experience of trying to achieve a given task. It improves learner’s mental, physical, social and emotional functioning and is considered particularly successful in teenagers with mental health difficulties.

Some benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy include:

Improved balance

Increased focus

Increased self-esteem

Develops ability to care for oneself

Reduces depression

Lowers feelings of isolation

Improves social skills

Increases trust and empathy

Aids children to overcome speech disorders

AAT is considered to be particularly helpful in teenagers with social and emotional needs. However, it can also be used to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder, addiction, development disorder and psychiatric disorders.

Furthermore, there is some evidence to suggest it improves literacy skills and encourages a love for learning, especially reading. At Works4U, we utilize this by combining AAT with a chance to complete a Level One Certificate in Animal Care which enables our learners to improve both socially and academically.

If you know of anybody who would benefit from a comprehensive level of education that includes AAT, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing referrals@normanmackie.com